Malcolm Burn: Why I’m Attending the Conference

by bobconroy on January 11, 2017

I  am eager to attend this year’s National Conference of Independents after a long,
contentious and often challenging election year during which many past assumptions about the electoral process were challenged. During my time campaigning for Bernie  Sanders,  it was amazing to see how energized young and old people  alike became regarding  enacting  20161005_awards_066
fundamental changes to our electoral  system,  starting with issues such as having open primaries in all 50 states as well as creating easier, more flexible voter registration rules.
What became blindingly obvious to us was how the system is tilted in favor of the elites and party insiders and rarely listens to the true voices of voters, often with disastrous consequences.  Party loyalty is fast becoming a thing of the past as is the corruption  and bigotry which surrounds it. The election of Donald J. Trump may seem like the “coming of the end”-times for some, but to me it signals a galvanizing new era for activism and change.
The doors of political perception have been smashed wide open and there is no going back!!
I invite you to join me for this year’s conference.
Malcolm Burn

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