Rick Robol, Ohio: Lets Make History Together

by GwenMandell on February 3, 2015

Rick Robol, is an attorney, leader of Independent Ohio and member of IndependentVoting.org’s national election reform committee:


Rick Robol leading Voting Rights Are Primary Picket

During the past three short years since retiring from military service and becoming involved in the Independents movement, I have witnessed Americans standing up for the rights of “We, the people” in unprecedented numbers. With over 45% now self-identifying as Independents, we are potentially the largest voting bloc in our nation. The core values that bind us together make clear why we Independents are leading the civil rights movement of the 21st century, based on the principles that all decisions of our government should reflect loyalty to our nation and to the American People— not to political parties, party bosses, campaign contributors or other special interests; that the American people should be the owners of America’s electoral process; that ideas should be judged based on the reason and evidence that support them, not on the party or politician who propose them; and that, even though we may respectfully disagree on substantive policies, we Independents are family who are united on these core values and supporting one another in advancing them.

On March 14, 2015, we have the opportunity to be part of this new, revolutionary period in building up our nation. There are hundreds of millions of unborn Americans whose futures depend on us. It is fitting that we meet with our brothers and sisters in this movement in a city that was vital to winning our nation’s first revolution for independence 234 years ago. History is again on the side of Independents, and when we hang together, we cannot fail. .

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