Statement by Tiani Coleman, NH Independent Voters on the 2017 Conference

by GwenMandell on December 20, 2016

13054974_10154117854987290_4832410636324809491_o“After attending my first biennial National Conference of Independents in NYC in 2015, I’ve been looking forward to returning in 2017! I’m passionate about electoral reform and other systemic reforms that will help us shift – in thoughtful, productive ways – the balance of power from the parties and the powers that be, to the people. I’d love to see us get out of traditional, ideological, partisan, political ways of thinking, and create a system that gives everyone a meaningful voice and allows us to solve pressing issues in new, collaborative and better ways.
The Conference is an invaluable opportunity to interact with activists from across the country who share this passion. Though we all come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, I feel invigorated, and completely at ease and at home with this group of people. The conference is well planned, well organized, and well executed – definitely worthwhile. Now is our time to take the next step in helping a restless, concerned, alienated, divided America channel its energy in positive, unifying ways.” (Register here:

–Tiani X. Coleman, President, New Hampshire Independent Voters (pictured left with Gwen Mandell, Jessica Lubien)

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