Getting Ready: Message from Al Bell, Peoria, AZ

by GwenMandell on February 14, 2017


AZ.Al Bell

This will be my first conference. As Americans and as Independents, we now face unprecedented challenges—and opportunities. So, I decided to do a little preparing, rather than just showing up. I invite you to consider the idea, too.

It involves mainly “priming” my brain to prompt me to listen actively and take away insights that I can use to stimulate others to join in our cause. That’s the intent. The tool is Jackie Salit’s book, Independents Rising.

I read this intriguing book when it first came out and posted an Amazon review. When I stumbled on that review recently, I decided to follow my own advice: read the book—again. I wanted a refresher on how we got to this point in our movement. Only a few pages into this “second time around,” I am finding ideas that will make me a better listener at the conference and ambassador for our cause afterward. Jackie’s lively prose reminds me—again—who Independents are. It’s a simple foundation for the conference. Check it out. I think you’ll find it rewarding.

In a week or so, I’ll be able to let you know what my “takeaways” are after finishing the book. I’d like to hear what yours are, too—on March 18!

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