Steve Hough, Panama City, FL is Attending the 2017 Conference of Independents

by bobconroy on February 2, 2017

FL.Hough4Steve Hough of Florida: Why I’m attending the National Conference of Independents (Register for the conference at

“Having been tangentially involved in an effort to place an initiative on the 2012 Florida ballot to end closed primaries, I was taken aback upon learning how difficult it was to get an initiative on our ballot. My experience had shown that the majority of people I spoke with (whether Democrat, Republican, or independent) supported the concept of open primaries, yet our efforts failed. Since then, others have tried and failed again, but there is always hope for the future.”

“From experience, and through information disseminated on the web site, I learned to what lengths the two major parties would go in order to block attempts to open up the primaries. Over the last couple of years, other states have had greater success than we have had here in Florida, and I look forward to meeting others from across the country dedicated to exposing the tactics employed by partisans in order to dampen the influence of independents and to promoting electoral reform.”

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